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Learn how to make a delicious vegan Crème Fraîche and Berry Parfait from our friends at Spork Foods! Stay tuned every Wednesday for What To Eat Wednesday (When You’re Gearing Up For A Vegan Summer) brought to you by the Non Toxic Revolution!

I love the Spork Sisters!  We ( did a giveaway with them last year.  Cannot wait to try this recipe!


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    I love the Spork Sisters! We ( did a giveaway with them last year. Cannot wait to try this recipe!
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    Keep a Breast/Non-Toxic Revolution has teamed up with the darling Spork Sisters to bring us "What To Eat Wednesday (When...
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    Hey vegan friends check out this video we did with the ladies from Spork Foods! Re-blog and then when you make it, SAVE...
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