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Good morning #sanfrancisco !! #cablecar #california #historic #fun

Good morning #sanfrancisco !! #cablecar #california #historic #fun

Halloween or Haute Couture?

It’s the beginning of my favorite month and it’s my favorite month because of the holiday at the very end!  I’m so excited to bring back my themed posts called “Halloween or Haute Couture”!

Fashion is sometimes outright ridiculous but that’s okay (as long as it’s not doing harm to anyone or anything).  So each day during the month of October, I’m going to play a little game calling out the strangest of the strange and I’ll also highlight accessories with a Halloween-esque theme. 

Once again, I thank you for humoring me!  And here we go…

My fabulous metallic and glitter flip flops purchased from @patricia_field for today’s pool party at The Standard. #shoes #glitter #fun (at Pool at The Standard, Hollywood)

My fabulous metallic and glitter flip flops purchased from @patricia_field for today’s pool party at The Standard. #shoes #glitter #fun (at Pool at The Standard, Hollywood)

Where My Peeps At?

What’s the point of accessorizing if you can’t have a little fun?  You don’t have to wait for an Easter basket with a few of these Easter-inspired accessories!

Bit Of Sugar has replicated the marshmallow peep with clay (yay, vegan friendly!).  In yellow, green, pink, blue or violet, pick one that’s your favorite flavor and enjoy all year round without fear of cavities. 

Now you can wear your Peeps on a shirt without having to spill any of that delicious sugar on yourself. 

These rings are  made from real candy that’s coated in glitter and then sealed for preservation by the Miss Mercy shop on Etsy.

Then tie it all together with some Peep Me Pink nail lacquer.

That’s enough pastels for this New Yorker.  I’m hoppin’ outta here.

Ana Ljubinkovic’s Silent Spring 2013 Collection is so much fun and dammit I want those shoes!


My new project, Your Guide to a Fashion-Packed Life, launches today at This new online destination features a ridiculously stylish closet of inspired looks, a calendar of haute events, trends you can’t live without, videos, lookbooks and more.

Great idea!

Now here’s a high school sports trend that I can get behind.

Pom Poms are making a comeback.  I like using this trim when I design because it’s very inexpensive, totally flexible and sustainable, and comes in a large variety of colors. 

You don’t need to dress up as a life-size gumball machine to enjoy poms.  Just add a little strand to earrings, hair clips or bracelets.  Spirit fingers are not included.


Though my birthday is still a couple months away, it’s never too soon to plan a birthday party theme.  I am grinning from ear to ear looking at these photos from Kara’s Party Ideas for an 80’s Themed Birthday Party!

I had all of these toys and movies and oh the Lisa Frank stickers that I’d trade while rocking a side pony and neon jellies!  Nostalgia always wins! 

For this summer, I vow to purchase a pair of dyed and embellished cut-offs by Belgium designer Bang Bang.  Now I just have to decide which one…

It’s officially spring here in the Northeast and a warm 84 degrees in NYC!  Everything is so pretty in the spring with the colors, the leaves, the blooming flowers, the ragweed, the pollen, the… the… AHH-CHOOO!!

Allergy Season!  If you are one that is cursed with sensitive sinuses, these Whale Tissue Holders from Sparkly Pony will put a smile on your face until you start cursing out Mother Nature again.