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I’ve been in New York the past week and wow, I forgot what humidity feels like after living in LA for a year now.  It’s been so muggy here that I’m really looking forward to my next visit during the holidays, which is my segway into these jewelry pieces made from Santa’s reindeer.

I keed, I keed… well they are made from reindeer antlers, but no reindeer were hurt in the process.  In fact, young male deers shed their antlers naturally and designer Theres of Nordic Jewelry has turned this natural process into works of art.  

I love the look of the colorful stones against the delicate antler color - it’s such an interesting contrast that I have a hard time looking away.  Not a fan of rings?  Not a problem - she has earrings available as well.

Christmas came early for me this year!

Designer to Watch: Nordic Jewelry

Antler rings, $40.67

Antler earrings, $37.65

Antler crystal ring, $90.22

Dress For Excess / Elle Italia November 2012 // Less is no more…

I like to wear jewelry to the beach in California.  Here’s the thing - if you spend a day at the beach, then you’re going to grab dinner and drinks near the beach because driving in LA is the worst thing in the world.  With the right cover-up and accessories, you can turn your beach day wear into beach night wear before happy hour ends.

Hana Maui Creations gets it because it’s made in Hawaii, and Hawaii is a magical place.  All jewelry is made with 14k gold fill or sterling silver - safe to wear in the salt water and holds up when the sun sets.  Whether you’re in the Hamptons, the Cape or Malibu, get your fill of summer and look chic while doing it.

Designer to Watch: Hana Maui Creations

Gold shell or sea glass bangles, $60

Wave ring, $30

Sunrise shell necklace, $145

Zebra shell earrings, $35

Want it, need it, gotta have it: Pamela Love for Able Made has created a necklace in support of the Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition shelter.

Click here to purchse!


Many days I wish I paid more attention in high school.  I was a top student, but my time was spent creating new cheerleading routines and less on schoolwork.  If I only took earth science more seriously, I could create something as wonderful as Mineralogy - a one-of-a-kind jewelry line designed by Theresa Cowan.  

Hand-made in Chicago by Theresa herself, the inspiration for each piece comes from an earth science lecture on minerals.  Theresa “looks to enhance what nature has left and other times, chooses to let the object stand alone as a fortification of it’s natural state.”

I had a difficult time only choosing 4 pieces, but you can see the rest of the collection here.  There’s nothing more stylish than being smart.

Designer to Watch: Mineralogy

Grey Agate freeform necklace, $160

Brazilian Kyanite and Peruvian Pirate earrings, $120

Brazilian Geode prong ring, $110

Moss Agate textured cuff, $110

Summertime… the time of year when your skin has a healthy glow and wearing a ponytail is always glamorous.  Who wants to wash their hair and blow dry it after a hot day at the beach? Not me!  That’s when I pull my hair back, put on some statement earrings and let my earlobes give a performance that would rival Cher… with a little help from Ty Brickhouse.

These one-of-a-kind pieces are inspired by the colors of the American West, from mountains to desert flowers.  Not just for summer, these colorful pieces will heat up the winter and keep you stylish year round. The only catch is having to pick just one.

Designer To Watch: Ty Brickhouse

Butterfly Falls earrings, $230

Shields of Love earrings, $275

Shields of Fire earrings, $300

Statement Chandeliers, $130 

It’s Monday again, but instead of pouring myself a fourth cup of coffee, I’m waking myself up by gazing at all of the lovely jewelry designed by Katie Bly.  A classically trained pianist, Katie launched Blydesign in 2009 and has been writing symphonies using metal work instead of keyboards.

It’s been hit after hit for Blydesign ever since including a press piece in Vogue.  Each piece is handcrafted with the skill of a brain surgeon.  

The challenge with this jewelry line is picking out only one piece, so I’ve picked several.

Designer to Watch: Blydesign

Thunderbird cuff, $119.40, Swiss cross cuff, $59Opal Marquis Cuff, $119.75

Opal necklaces, $40

Cocktail ring, $40

Druzy open cuff, $90

Camel necklace, $78

Opal sunburst earrings, $35

So I’ve been in LA for one year now and while I am still hell-bent to get back to NYC, I’ve discovered some pretty amazing designers out here.  Enter Jessica of Lux Divine jewelry - so many great pieces that I don’t even know where to start!

Per Jessica’s bio, she’s a certified bench jeweler and she went to the Gemological Institute of America to become certified in Gemology and Diamond Grading, Casting, and many other design skills that apparent in each piece of her work.

This is just one of those jewelry lines that speaks for themselves so whatever I’ll say will be out-shined in the photos of my personal faves.

Shop her store and build a jewelry collection that will never go out of style!

Designer to Watch: Lux Divine Jewelry

Moon sphere amethyst cluster ring, $110

Semi adjustable turquoise ring wrap, $75

Druzy stud earrings, $90

Spellbound arrowhead crescent necklace, $185

Amethyst mountain stackable rings, $85

Druzy moon rings, $85

Capetown designer Charmaine Taylor is turning peace into piece.

Using wire fencing that once confined Nelson Mandela in the infamous Robben Island jail, Taylor hand crafts gold- and silver-plated necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and cufflinks to create the Legacy Collection. 

The jewelry, born from a former symbol of oppression, is a reminder that freedom is a “gift to be protected and cherished,” says Taylor, who donates a portion of all sales to the Nelson Mandela Foundation and organic-farming nonprofit Abalimi Bezekhaya (“We Are Farmers”).

With names like Liberty bangle and Salvation pendant, this jewelry will add more than character to your wardrobe.  It will give a certain grace to your attitude and that is what separates fashion from style.

Designer to Watch: Charmaine Taylor, Legacy Collection, Inspired Freedom

Now that red carpet season is over and my family is starting to recover from the house fire, it’s time that I focus on one of the reasons why I started this blog - promoting independent designers!

So let’s get raw, shall we? What I’m loving right now is raw stone jewelry. It’s perfect for any season and no two pieces will ever be exactly the same.  Designer Danielle Barbe is a pro at designing unique, chunky jewelry that can hail a cab a mile away!  These handmade rings are a fair price for the work and quality involved.  But don’t let your fingers have all the fun - she also creates unique pendants and chokers that will stop traffic just the same!

For more amazing jewelry, check out her line The Vagabond Queen

Raw Rose Quartz Ring, $122 & Citrine Druzy Ring, $122

Pink Geode Pendants, $115 & Grey Geode Pendants, $115

Bracelets are still in and I’m not mad at that.  But I do have a problem finding cute bracelets that fit because I have freakishly small wrists.

Now I can make my own with this cute DIY Embellished Bracelet tutorial!

I’m not a fan of the rhinestone bracelets because the edges catch on my silk clothing and snag.  But I love this studded look!